Lexus Hybrid Cars Overview


Lexus hybrids are designed using the most sophisticated, full hybrid technology. Hybrid cars have two power sources, the electric motor and the combustion engine, which helps to produce the most fuel efficient vehicles on the roads. These vehicles are also environmentally sounds, as with the Lexus hybrids, when driving at low speeds, the vehicle produces no noise and its source of power is the electric motor which means there is no production of CO2 emissions and no use of fuel.

While many still have thought of plugging in a vehicle to charge it each night when they hear the word hybrids, and having to determine which power source to run the vehicle on, the power control unit in the Lexus hybrids automatically selects the optimum mix of motor and engine power to ensure the most desireble fuel economy and the least amount of emissions are achieved. Also, Lexus hybrids instantly recharge the batteries themselves, so there is no need to plug into the mains. This is sophisticated technology and one that is featured on all Lexus hybrids. there is no sluggish vehicle that runs out of steam; they are fully operational and powerful vehicles on the roads.

Lexus offers two genres of hybrids, the micro and the mild. The micro is not a straight hybrid as battery electricity is not powered to propel the car; however, their “stop, start” function helps to reduce CO2 emissions and achieves greater fuel efficiency.

The Lexus mild hybrid has an electric motor that is powered by a separate battery, to supplement the engine and provides extra power during acceleration.

Hybrid Pros:full-hybrid_tcm882-1137041

* Hybrid owners also have the advantage of a tax credit.

* Hybrids yield anywhere from 35 to 50 miles per gallon.

* Quiet running.

* Fuel effectual.

Hybrid Cons:

* The resale value is not typically as good.

* The battery is expensive to replace.

* Some hybrids have a lack of acceleration. This is not found with the Lexus hybrids as drivers

* Some drivers are nervous of the scheduled maintenance of it. While it could be somewhat foreign, there is no reason for alarm. A skilled mechanic or the dealership where you purchase your from will be able to complete repairs and maintenance without a problem. Just like any vehicle scheduled maintenance is required, and youre going to have to replace the air filter that is used with the battery system every 40,000 miles, change the oil at every 5,000 miles, batteries replaced every six years, and so on.

Hybrid cars are no longer the wave of the future, they are the present and each year the design of the vehicles continues to elevate. For those that are environmentally conscious and look for fuel efficiency, the cars are definitely a choice. Lexus offers four divine styles in them, which include their CT, luxury compact hybrid, their GS, executive performance hybrid, their LS, luxury high quality hybrid and their RX, pioneering luxury hybrid. Each is truly an astonishing vehicle and affordably priced in standards of hybrids.

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